It’s really easy to register my kindle. In the Kindle settings screen, press the menu button on the home screen and tap the account button to get a list of your accounts. Click on the ‘Your Account’ button in the account list to open your account with My Kindle.

Kindle for PC

Now you can access your Kindle right from your PC. with goodness, Amazon has made Kindle possible on Pc in two different ways. Both are good and convenient ways to access Kindle on PC. Kindle is a free app which you can download on PC like any other installing program. Otherwise, you can also access Kindle on PC with a web browser. Just login into Amazon account and access Kindl on PC.

Kindle for PC with Kindle PC appkindle for pc app

  • First, open your web browser. Type Amazon or visit Amazon site. Sign in Amazon account. Then visit Kindle app page
  • Now click on Download for PC & Mac. Your Kindle app for Pc shall automatically start.
  • Then, install the Kindle app like you would be installing any other program. When Kindle for PC successfully installed, open the installed app
  • Again enter your Amazon account information and then sign in
  • Your Kindle library will automatically appear when you sing in Amazon account.
  • Enjoy your favourite reading ith double click on the desired ebook on your PC

Kindle for PC with kindle cloud readerkindle for pc

  • Open Kindle cloud reader page in a web browser.
  • Type Kindle cloud reader in the search bar of the web browser for that.
  • Now sing in using your Amazon registered email address and password. Click sign in.
  • When you are signed in, you will automatically see your Kindle ebook library.
  • Then. double click on the book you want to read. That ebook will open to read on your PC

Register my Kindleregister my kindle

  • Getting started with Kindle is pretty easy. Locate the power button on Kindle. Your Kindle power button may be on the back of the device
  • Once you push the power button, choose your preferred language to operate Kindle device
  • Kindle will then scan for all available wifi networks. Choose your network and enter a password for the wifi key
  • Tap to connect. In the next screen, use an existing Amazon account to register Kindle. Or you can also create a new account to register Kindle on
  • Choose your country. After that enter billing details. Then you will get the option to connect Kindle with social accounts like Facebook and Twitter
  • Customize few more details in next screen keep them off/on like web browser, Kindle Store, Cloud, Goodreads on Kindle and tap next.
  • Kindle Unlimited gives you access to selected books and audiobooks for a monthly fee


Q: How do I register my kindle without wi-fi?

A: To register Kindle without wi-fi, you need to connect your device to your laptop through USB cable. Then, you have to go to My Kindle section of Amazon web page, scroll down to ‘About Me’ and tap on ‘Register’. You’ll need to enter your email id and password to get started.

Q: I’ve read that it is not possible to use My Kindle as an e-reader.

A: While this is true, you don’t need to wait for your Kindle to update automatically to read a book or magazine. If you’ve installed Amazon Kindle reader application, you can start reading a book or magazine right after your Kindle receives the signal from the reader application. And if you want to download books or magazines from Kindle library, it is possible to save them to your Kindle using Amazon Kindle app. You have to first download your Amazon Kindle application from the Amazon web site.

Q: I want to download a book or magazine but my Kindle is not compatible with the format I want.

A: Check out Amazon’s website for compatible formats of your book or magazine before you start downloading the file to your Kindle. In case you need an electronic format, but your Kindle does not have this file, try to connect your Kindle to your laptop or iPad and transfer the file via USB cord.

Q: Can I register My Kindle with a specific eBook or publication?

A: You can register My Kindle only if you have purchased an ebook or magazine from Amazon or any other online bookstore.

Q: I downloaded a book or magazine to my Kindle but it didn’t download.

A: You may want to use USB cable to transfer the file if your Kindle does not support Wi-Fi connection.

Q: I don’t see My Kindle on my device.

A: Try to connect to My Kindle and check out my account.

Q: How do I sign up my Kindle?

A: To register My Kindle with your email address or Google account, you can go to My Kindle section on the Amazon web page and sign in with your email id and password. Or you can also connect to Amazon Web Services and sign up with your Google account.

Q: Do I get free trials?

A: Yes, you can try My Kindle for 30 days without any charges.

Q: I forgot to sign up my Kindle and can’t read my books or magazines.

A: If you can’t read your books or magazines on your My Kindle device, you can send a message to Kindle Support to reset the device. by resetting your device with the help of Amazon’s “Reset Your Kindle” option.

Q: I’ve already downloaded a book or magazine to My Kindle but cannot access it on my Kindle.

A: Before you re-download the book or magazine, try to sync it on your Kindle.

Q: How do I sign up My Kindle with an eBook reader application?

A: You can download the application to your Kindle using My Kindle’s USB cable and install it on your Kindle.